Green and Sky Blue

Soybean Field Near Rensselaer, Indiana
Soybean Field Near Rensselaer, Indiana

Summer’s reckless with its love of green.
The sky gives blue so bright it goes unseen.
We breathe each day enclosed in soothing light
While night awaits with stars and dark between.

Indiana Sunset
Indiana Sunset

Poetry and photographs by Frank Hubeny, member of Prairie Writers Guild of northwest Indiana. This post is linked to dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night where Lillian is hosting.


34 thoughts on “Green and Sky Blue

  1. I always loved summer when we lived in rural Iowa. And actually fall too. And then when I think about it, to see the white new fallen unmarked snow on the hills was divine. Ah…but I’ve been a city girl now since ’97. You took me back there! 😉

  2. You are becoming the Master of Brevity; nice form. with aaba rhyme. I am feeling much better these days, but taking a long time to getting up the strength to get out and walk. I sit on the deck a lot & embrace the summer.

  3. a definite landscape capture …. and isn’t it interesting, how that brilliant sky blue does become so blinding for intensity it literally seems white? And I love that first line – summer’s recklessness with its love of green – that is so true and apparent in the right settings.

    lovely poem Frank – cheers!

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