Green Fields of Indiana

There are stars out, but that doesn’t mean anyone notices. However, the comet was special. People pointed it out proving how smart they were being able to see what others told them about.

Charles didn’t care. He looked at Anne’s eyes.

Sure, they were told about the comet, the rare comet that comes once in a million years. “You better look while you have the chance!” “You may never see something like that again!” “Don’t miss it!”

They looked, but they were not sure they saw anything particularly remarkable out there. They were more interested in each other’s eyes.

Light on Hickory Leaf

Photos and story by Frank Hubeny, a member of Prairie Writers Guild.

This story is linked to Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch. The theme this week is “comet”. Each submission is required to be exactly 99 words in length excluding the title. You do not need a blog to submit a story. Stories can be posted in the comment section as this one will also be.

10 thoughts on “Comet

    1. Thank you, Robbie! I am a member of Prairie Writers Guild. It is a group of writers from an area where I grew up in northwest Indiana which is not far from Chicago. I plan to post here as well as my regular blog. Others from the group will likely post here also.

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