Homeless in the Ocean of Love

Rest Area on I65 at Dusk
Rest Area on I65 at Dusk

May homelessness be everywhere
With open door
With open heart
Without a floor
To fall apart.
Should I be blessed to find you there
May homelessness be everywhere.

Poem and photo by Frank Hubeny, member of Prairie Writers Guild. YouTube video from the Light Omega channel with Miten and Deva Premal performing “So Much Magnificence“.  Frank’s poem was inspired by tailor STATELY’s prompt “homeless” at online-literature.com and the video.  This is linked to dVerse Poetics where Frank is hosting on the theme of frustration and heartbreak.


47 thoughts on “Homeless in the Ocean of Love

  1. It seems that man is fouling his own nest, that in the future we all may be homeless. Your poem mixes despair and hope in equal measure.

  2. We both had homelessness on the mind today, only I like your version much better, and I get it! Last year my husband and I chose to let open road be our home, and the adventure was rewarding in so many ways.

  3. homelessness and hopelessness seem to have more in common than we first realise, both chasing an elusiveness but never looking within, strong and emotional words for me this morning from you Frank

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