Endangered Wetlands by Doris Myers

Endangered wetland glowing pink, welcoming a new day
Reflecting the color not unlike a maiden’s blush.

We know your purpose but have watched men rape your sisters
Only to leave behind concrete and glass.

At the whim of men with machines and fill,
All for their pleasure and profit.

We campaign to save you as we see your belly swell with seeds of oak, hickory and elm,
And your water spilling at the birth of new sedge, arrowroot and wild rice.

You provide food and shelter to nourish seeds of other species as you take them to your bosom—
Teal, woodland frogs, other amphibians and fish, while faithfully containing flood waters.

We will continue to educate others to save your reproductive body.
As the new day turns to pink we watch over you not unlike a caring midwife.

Savanna Sunrise by Doris Myers (acrylic on canvas)
Savanna Sunrise by Doris Myers (acrylic on canvas)

The poem and the acrylic on canvas art work are by Doris Myers, a member of Prairie Writers Guild.

This is linked to dVerse Open Link Night. Mish is hosting. During open link night you may link one poem of your choice at dVerse. There is no special theme.


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