Indiana Autumn

Corn by Frank Hubeny

Corn is drying in the field.
Autumn takes our breath away.
Summer’s growth has come to yield
Corn that’s drying in the field.
Hearts stay ready. May they shield
Hope when winter comes to play.
Corn was drying in the field.
Autumn took our breath away.

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Jilly offers the theme of repetition. This poem is a triolet where there are repeating lines. Photos and poem by Frank Hubeny, a member of Prairie Writers Guild.

Squirrel by Frank Hubeny


61 thoughts on “Indiana Autumn

  1. Bang on, brother; enough to convert me for a time to triolets, moving a step away from the hybrid haibuns I love so well. You make it look chic and smart and effective; smile.

  2. The twist of tense in the last lines is superb; you took me back to my mid-western autumns. Nicely done, Frank. As always, I enjoy your sound clouds and that squirrel is way too comfortable!!!

  3. So that’s a triolet! I like the rhyme of it, gives it a nice rhythm. And it’s about my favorite time of year.

    I have never seen a squirrel laid out quite like that. Looks like he couldn’t move a because he ate too much!
    Nice shot.


    1. That squirrel surprised me as well. I was able to get quite close and take many photos before he has his fill of me and left. He looked a bit annoyed in the photo. Thank you, Pat!

  4. Yes.. Down Here in Florida
    The Heat of The Summer
    And Dry Spell did the
    Corn in
    On Katrina’s
    Extended Relative’s
    Farm but at least it got
    Cool Enough in the Fall of Fifties
    to Bring The Red Passion FLoWeRS
    OuT To BLoom
    iN All tHeir
    Halloween Comes
    Next so Boo Boo Boo
    iN Ways oF Repetition too..;)

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