Haiku by Pat Kopanda

hawk ghost
peers through a snow squall
from telephone wires

sunshine this cold day
from the semi truck’s roof
flying crystals

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night. Frank Hubeny is hosting at dVerse. Come and join other poets. You may link one poem on any theme at dVerse during Open Link Night.

Haiku by Pat Kopanda. Photo by Frank Hubeny.

First Snow
First Snow

39 thoughts on “Haiku by Pat Kopanda

  1. Both terrific haiku. I’ll be haunted by the /hawk ghost/, and I love the image of the 18 wheeler flying through the icy air,, displacing it with billowing stacks and fat snow tires.

  2. Perfect poems for the first real snowfall of the season, in Toronto. And yes, I have memories of being covered in snow and slush, as the big rigs blast winter slush puddle. Not amused by it.

  3. This was a crisp cutting piece. Felt it in my bones Frank… :-). Hers is another aspect of winter…

    coarse lands cloaked in white
    lakes bejeweled in crystal
    winter’s dressing hand

    © rob kistner

  4. This is not the gentle soft fluffy currier and ive’s winter landscape, this is cutting icy brutal reality. Crisp, clean, and sensory. Please let Pat know this is so amazing.

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