PWG Meeting December 5th in DeMotte

The December PWG meeting is tonight.  As a reminder here is the announcement from Ed Habrowski:

1. A very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you.

2. Our next meeting is Wed. Dec. 5, 2018 at 6:00 pm CST at SP19 located
at 10527 Bunker Dr. DeMotte, IN 46310; just off of US 231.

3. Members who attend Dec. 5 are encouraged to bring with them a “Gift
of Words”. Gift of Words is a PWG tradition, celebrated at our Dec.
meeting. It is an exchange of words in the form of original writings of
small poems, wishes, thoughts, prayers. The gifts, written upon paper,
are folded and placed into a basket which is passed around for each
member to select one gift. The gifts are then shared as the recipient
reads aloud his/her selection.

4. Don’t forget the PWG WordPress site
https::// You may submit short prose,
poetry, memoirs and biographies and photographs. This gives PWG
visibility and it also gives individual members a place to display their
writing and photography. Send submissions to Frank Hubeny at


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