Shepherds by Edward P. Habrowski

They came guided by an angel.
They came unannounced.
Did the lodgers know the shepherds were coming?
We didn’t catch their names.
Our culture does not hold them high.
They take care of smelly sheep and crying baby lambs.
We didn’t catch their names.
Were their names recorded in history or handed
down through stories, legends or traditions?
What were their names?
Does Luke or Matthew mention their names?
Did they identify themselves; first names, family names to the lodgers?
They came to see a new-born baby,
who grew up and is known as the Good Shepherd!
How come the shepherds’ names aren’t mentioned?

A Gifts of Words, December 2018, by Edward P. Habrowski

Prairie Writers Guild members have often offered each other gifts of words during December.  If you are a member of PWG and you would like your gift of words published here, please send it to


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