It Is Well With My Soul

Every Sunday we see them
walking down the aisle
bent and hobbled.
An elderly man leads
a wizened old woman.
“Here I am, Lord, if you need me,”

Tottering along behind,
the gray-haired son, head down,
slouched, uneven gait, slightly rumpled.
“It is well with my soul.”

They enter the pew, bow their heads in prayer.
The son rocks to-and-fro in a steady rhythm
throughout Mass.
“As the Father has loved me so I have loved you.”

Mass over, the family files out of the pew,
out of church, silent, they speak to no one
as the choir sings,
“I love you, you are Mine, says the Lord.”

Poetry above by Pat Kopanda, photography below by Frank Hubeny.

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Cornfield During Winter
Cornfield During Winter

26 thoughts on “It Is Well With My Soul

  1. I know such families myself, where elderly parents still have an aging son living with them; a son with autism or one that is developmentally delayed (God, we used to say retarded); touching and sad. Faith goes a long way in holding them together.

  2. This speaks to me of tenderness and bond that I have never managed to find or create myself, but I am glad, someone, out there, did and it looks and feels from afar like your poem.

  3. I enjoyed the picture you painted…I go to church most Sundays but am often in a hurry to leave because of other things to do…this reminded me of the only thing to do…carry Sunday into the rest of the week. Thank you 💙

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