Tanka by Pat Kopanda

slow to leaf out
oaks become highwire showcase
for squirrel acrobats
windows against the blue sky
bouncing branches catch the eye

the wait is over
lily of the valley peeks
above green leaves
I kneel to drink its fragrance
to last till another spring

Tanka by Pat Kopanda.

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17 thoughts on “Tanka by Pat Kopanda

  1. I wish Pat would post her own poems. It wluld be so wonderful to tell her how beautiful this poem is. I can smell the scent of lily of the valley just reading this.

  2. I agree with Toni. When you share her work (the second tanka was my fave this time), it is so good, I hunger for dialogue with the poet.

  3. Love both of these….those acrobatic squirrels and mostly, drinking in the scent of lily-of-the-valley which I did just last weekend on a walk through an aboretum. They were hiding below the lilacs! Two sweet sweet scents…one that wafts across on slight breezes; the other, only enjoyed when picked and held directly to the nose. 🙂

  4. Pat, you’ve nailed it about the fragrance of all spring flowers. You fill your nostrils with them in the knowledge it will be another year before you can do it again. Lily of the valley reminds me of my grandma, she had so many on her property, amongst the sassafras.

  5. I felt as though this was a poem about my backyard ! Some very familiar sights and smells. Thanks for bringing Pat’s work to OLN.

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