About PWG

Why do we call ourselves the Prairie Writers Guild and our publication From the Edge of the Prairie?

Early French explorers, upon reaching the southern border of Lake Michigan, saw before them and expanse of unforested grassland. The French had no word to define this new landscape; however, their word for meadow best suited it, and so, called it prairie.

Jasper County, Indiana, from where Prairie Writers Guild was created, is a county that lies on the most eastern boundary of the prairie, a jutting finger that stretches the prairie into Northwest Indiana and places us right at its edge.

Prairie is a beautiful sounding word, even poetic. It is a word that evokes large, open spaces, adventure, the spirit of freedom and dreams. Being at the edge suggests being at the end of something, while at the same time, it focuses attention to the beginning of another thing, demanding a new perception. The edge can be an awesome place where ideas materialize, dreams evolve, and hope resides.

Just before the turn of the recent century, our native prairie regained the interest of gardeners, naturalists, and conservationists. Through their efforts, remnants of the native prairie have been saved, restored, and reintroduced into our country’s landscape. What a loss it would have been if the beauty of the prairie with its grasses, wildflowers, and wildlife quietly disappeared without anyone taking notice. The Prairie Writers Guild is taking notice also, lest we forget, by recording life from here at the edge of the prairie.

How to contact us

Come to one of our meetings usually the first Wednesday of the month in Rensselaer or Demotte.  The specific place and time will be posted here.

Send an email to Frank Hubeny: hubenyfrank@gmail.com


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