Prairie Writers Guild members may submit any form of writing, such as, stories, poems, memoirs, complete blog posts, personal biographies, or photography to the PWG site. The work may have been previously published or not. If it has been previously published let me know where so I can credit the original source. This is one way for members who do not have blogs of their own to give their work more visibility.

I will schedule and format submissions into posts on this site perhaps combining one author’s writing with photographs from someone else. Before making any edit, I will get the approval of the author. Photographs will also be reduced in size to save storage space. I will also try to promote PWG posts to photography, poetry and prose sites to increase visibility of the writing and photography as the opportunity arises.

Authors and photographers retain copyright on whatever they submit to the PWG site. Those submitting work, however, agree to have their work displayed here and give PWG the right to publish it once.

Send your contributions to me, Frank Hubeny, at Put “PWG Submission” in the subject line of the email.