Haiku – Pat Kopanda

when Barbara went her garden went with her cross-legged on the grass the Little League-r picks clover waiting for a ball coyotes harmonize with the train whistle the night silence gone   Haiku by Pat Kopanda. Photograph below by Frank Hubeny. Linked to dVerse Open Link Night.

Next PWG Meeting

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:00 pm CDT at Sandy Pines in DeMotte, Indiana.  Hope to see you with some of your prose or poems for our 2020 edition. Announcement sent by Ed Habrowski, Treasurer.

Haiku by Pat Kopanda

the dark edge of the clouds meets the horizon thunderheads billow to great heights Broom Hilda sweeps by alligator whisperer taught himself the language won’t share   Haiku by Pat Kopanda.  Linked to dVerse Open Link Night. Photography below by Frank Hubeny.

Naming Rensselaer’s Streets Part 1 by Judy Kanne

Since you know the “main” street running through Rensselaer is named Washington Street, you may suspect there are other City streets that bear the names of United States Presidents, and you would be correct. There is Lincoln Street, Jackson Street, and Harrison Street. McKinley became the name of the former Division Street in 1901. McKinley … More Naming Rensselaer’s Streets Part 1 by Judy Kanne